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One of the struggles I experience competing in this industry is that I’m not a model.  We live in an age where models create their own sites and promote their own brands.  What can I offer that is better?  The first thing is that my site contains more than one model.  I work with many great talents can pick from so many more.  Secondly is that the money you spend here goes back into the production budget to make more of what you enjoy.  I know it makes you feel good to toss some money at a model and to help this beautiful woman with her finances but in the end, you are not supporting yourself.  The fleeting joy of having a model thank you for some cash pales in comparison to the satisfaction of having some say and effort in the porn that you enjoy.  

So who am I?  I’m just like you.  I’m a person with a love for beautiful women doing naughty things to themselves or others and then seeing that captured in some fantastic light. 

Join me in creating more of it.     

"I want to show you something very special... Don't keep me waiting. Come inside"

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Come on in! Create an account today and be a part of something amazing.  Help me create the most incredible and explicit erotica so you have your place online to log in and get off, every time.    -Brenin Hurley