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Posted: October, 25, 2016

The Light at Tenth and Rose

Posted: June, 02, 2016

The Light at Tenth and Rose

    As I walked passed the threshold into the control room of theTARDIS, I saw my Doctor.  He’s leaned over the console staring at a monitor with a lanky relaxed charm that the last version of him never had.  His suit and tie was so trim and proper.  And that hair. The only person who loved that head of hair more than I did was him.  Even at that moment, as he pondered some issue of time and space, his hands couldn't resist the call to run though the spiky universe of those follicles.  
"Whatchadoin?” I asked, curious if we were about to begin our next adventure.  I was still reeling from saving the Doctor from the Isolus but I was hoping for a moment to reflect and spend some time with him not running away from dangerous situations.  
“Oh just checking up on the ole’ girl.”
"Is sheok?"
"Oh ya!  She’s fine.  Where do you want to go next?  We could meet Shakespeare or visit the diamond waterfalls of Midnight, any where or when you want. "
"I need to go see my mother,"  I said knowing he won't be very excited about this.  He's learned to like Jackie but visiting her would not be his first choice. 
"Are you sure?  There are so many amazing places to visit.  Have you ever seen Pompeii?"
"I need to do this Doctor.  I've been away too long." 
"Too long?  We're in a TARDIS.  We can go back to any time."  
"I'vebeen away too long. I need to see her. "  My Doctor, was always up for an adventure but never fit for real life. 
"Wellok." He said as he leaned back on one of the console room chairs looking a bit downtrodden.  This was the opportunity I had been looking for.  Some down time in the TARDIS with my Doctor and a reason to cheer him up with a little sexy persuasion. 
 Earlier, he had admonished me when I remarked that “they keep trying to split us up but they never will”.  He wanted to keep me around forever, but had already experienced so much loss he was wary to say "never’sandforever’s".  But if I was going to be traveling with this crazy man for a long time, we needed to establish something more intimate.  I had needs. 
"How long had you been traveling alone before you met me?"   
"Oh, I don’t know 100 years or so?"
"What?!  Such a long time.  Were you planning on always being a spinster?  Traveling the universe all by yourself?  No one there to pull you back in when you get too carried away?"
"I could have used you back then Rose. It was a tough time for me."
I saw a flash of pain move across his face.
"Oh you think I could have helped?  The big and powerful war doctor held together by little old me?"
"Well yeah.  I had to make some really tough choices back then.  People died.  Lots of people died.  I’m still not sure if I made the right decisions.  I could have used a second opinion and certainly a pretty little blond girl."
"Pretty?  You’ve never called me pretty before."
Oh I wasn’t talking about you.  There was this slave girl from Kapteyn5…"
“Doctor!"  I said slapping his shoulder.
Ow!  Kidding.  Yes, I’m talking about you Rose.
You better be.  Look, I know it's not your favorite place in the universe but before we go home, we could take a little break and relax in the TARDIS for a while."  During this short suggestive sentence, I made my way over to him. Placed my face very close to his and ran my hands up the brown pin stripes of his pants. 
"Rose Tyler!" He protested with that huge grin of his. 
"What?  You know you've wanted to do this for such a long time.
"Bloody hell, I have but..."
"But nothing."  I leaned in for a kiss.  This was the first time I really kissed my Doctor.  The first few times, I wasn’t exactly myself.  This would be the first while he was in this form and I was of my right mind so I made it count. It felt so good to finally kiss him.  How far we've travelled?  How many adventures we've carried.  And now I had finally set my lips upon his.   
"Blimey."  He says after I let him up for air.  "That was quite nice.  I think I want more of that."
He gently pulled my face to his and we exchanged deep passionate kisses.  
I thought I felt the TARDIS shift a little but I continued.  
Our tongues twirled together in the wet dance of a union so waiting to be made. I lovedhim so much and now was my time to show him just how far I'd go.  But first, as my hands were still on his legs, I decided to answer a question I've pondered since the moment I learned that a Time Lord has two hearts.  I moved my hand to his crotch to satisfy my curiosity.   I found a long slender piece, half hard laying down the leg of his pants.  Just one piece with two accompanying members below.  Much to my relief, Time Lords have a standard set of humanoid genitalia.  At least on the outside.  I then wondered,if erections are caused by a rush of blood, what is an erection like fed by the blood from two hearts?  I couldn't wait to find out.  He was growing harder by the second.  Our mouths became morefranticas the heat grew.  I slowed my kisses to a more playful pace as I worked on his buttons and zipper.   I dropped to my knees, pulled his pants down, and reached in to free his cock.  
"Oh, Doctor.  The Time Lords saved the best for last.”
“Time Lord secret.” he said with that mischievous grin.  
The TARDIS definitely shifted and grumbled this time. 
I stroked up and down with ease and heard hisquickeningbreath.  He became so hard that I couldn't believe what I was feeling.  He wasa hot piece of marble in my hand.  The enveloping veins were like thin steel cables suspending an unbreakable rod.  . 
So this is what two hearts does to a throbbing erection.
I was enthralled and a little bit nervous, getting a Time Lord so aroused.  I wondered what I was getting myself into?   
But as my hand moved to the tip, I was astounded to discover how soft the head was.  I was so comforting.  Like the soft welcoming demeanor of a person of great stature.  I continued to touch it, which caused my Doctor to squirm in his chair.
"Are you glowing?"  I asked noticing a certain air about him.  He just smiled.  There were more secrets to learn about the Time Lords. 
Wanting to arouse him further, I put him into my mouth.  It’s substantial length and girth made it a difficult specimen to tackle but I managed.  As my mouth sucked on the tip with intent, my hands did their best to make an impression on the stone shaft.  I must had done something right for I could taste him aon my tongue.  What an delightfully alien flavor.  Sweet, musty, and about a million more depths of flavors and sensations Icouldn'tcome close to understanding.  Was my tongue tingling?  Was I tingling?  I was burning for him.  I could feel lightening spread from my mouth downwards.  I had to have him.  I threw off my shirt, jeans, and underwear and allowed the Doctor a moment to revel at the sight of my naked body.  I could see utter delight wash across his face and I felt like the most desirable object in the universe.  
"You are quite a Rose, Miss Tyler." He said softly. 
I blushed then jumped him.  Maneuvered myself on top and grasped his head with one hand while I guidedhiminto me with the other.  He met no resistance.  I wasabsolutelydripping and he filled me to the core with a kind ofprehistoric ecstasy.   
The TARDIS moved.  Are we taking off? Ididn'tcare and it seemed, and neither did the Doctor.     
I ripped open his shirt to feel his chest and started moving up and down on this shaft.  He moaned but I was the one already cumming.  Wave after wave after wave consumed me.  I was, once and for all, sharing my most intimate self with him.  As I looked down at my enraptured Time Lord, with his tongue wrapped around my left nipple, I could see that he wasdefinitelyglowing and so was I.  TARDIS energy surrounded us, flowed between us, and even shot out into empty space like solar flares leaping from the Sun.  I don't believe a normal human could have stayed conscious for more than a few seconds of such a bright inner light.   The only reason I could sustain such driving pleasure was due to my ingesting the heart of the TARDIS so long ago.  I was experiencing more sexual energy than any human had before.  I was agoddessof sex andpleasure. 
The TARDIS was in full flight when my Doctor decided to take charge, flipping me around bending me over the railing and smacking my bum as he slipped back in.  I gripped the rail as he slammed into me from behind.  It’s the only way I could maintain these sensations.  Like a warrior of old biting down on leather to weather the pain, I was holding on to weather the pleasure.  I soon transformed from goddess to a punished slave of  sex and pleasure.  Every single muscle in my body was pulled as tight as could be submitting to a Time Lord's will.  I gasped and moaned uncontrollably.  My Keglemuscles strained against him to provide as much of the joys as he’s provided me.   We made our way to the floor.  I could feel thepseudometalgrates pressing against my naked back.  Marks would be left there as evidence of what we had done.  His mouth made it’s way to my perked pink nipples sending me into further throes.  
"Every part of you taste so good, Rose.” he whispers. 
I kissed him more deeply than ever while he continued, with expert measure, pulsing back and forth, pushing on my electrified g-spot.  He released his mouth from mine, grabbed my hair and spoke.
"I’m never going to let you go.” 
“We’llalwaysbeok, you and me.” I replied.  
He slammed his pelvis into mine with more and more intensity.  I squeezed as hard as I could and noticed the TARDIS energy flowing between us.
I hope he doesn’t regenerate.  I thought, seconds before my eyes closed again. 
Waves of passion and pleasure consumed us as I was in a constant state of orgasm and his ultimate wave crests closer.  
I was just aware enough to feel the turbulence as the TARDIS stumbled. 
Almost yelling, he pulled out and released a molten load onto my torso.  It burned.  I rubbed it into my skin to distribute the sensation and even tasted it to get more of his flavor, but it seemed to be cooling.  The glowing sensations dimmed.  The energy in my body diminished.  All seemed to have faded away.  The last memory of that moment was my Doctor collapsing next to me, utterly spent. 
The TARDIS finally landed.
We slowly awoke to the stillness of a parked time machine.  Our nerves burnt to the core.
After a good bit of time staring at the immense control room ceiling, the Doctor finally broke the silence.
"You’re quite good at that, Rose.”
“I know.  I fancy I could do that for a living in another lifetime.”
"I believe you could.”   
"I doubt that would make my mother very proud."  
“About that.  It’s not that I don't want to see Jackie.  I just have a very bad feeling about this visit. “
“Earlier, you said there is a storm coming.  What did you mean?”
“Time to go.” he said jumping up pulling on his pants so he could access the console.  “Oh.  We are already here.”
“Great, I’ll grab my backpack”

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